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AL-LAD, also known as 6-allyl-6-nor-LSD, 6-NORLYSERGIC ACID, 6-ALLYL-N,N-DIETHYLAMIDE; 6-

AL-LAD = 6-allyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide; Aladdin; N-allyl-nor-LSD; N-allyl-nor-lysergic acid N,N-

PubChem: 15227511

Molecular formula: C22H27N3O

Molecular weight: 349.478 g/mol

IUPAC: (6aR,9R)-N,N-diethyl-7-prop-2-enyl-6,6a,8,9-tetrahydro-4H-indolo[4,3-fg]quinoline-9-carboxamide

AL-LAD blotter is a psychedelic substance of the lysergamide chemical class that produces LSD-like
psychedelic effects when administered. It is closely related to the structural analog of LSD and it has been
shown to produce a similar effects. It is thought to either be equally or moderately less potent than LSD itself,
with an active dose reported at between 75 and 150 micrograms.

Al-LAD powder is synthesized starting from nor-LSD as a precursor, using allyl bromide as a reactant.

AL-LAD has been commonly sold alongside lysergamides such as 1P-LSD, ALD-52 and ETH-LAD as a
legal, grey-market alternative to LSD. It has been characterized by many users as being generally more
recreational and non-threatening compared to LSD,


When taken by any of these routes either Oral/Sublingual/Buccal, they have the various concentration

Light: 50 - 100 μg, Common: 100 - 200 μg, Strong: 200 - 300 μg

Timeline for the drugs to act. For Oral/Sublingual/Buccal it ranges from

Total: 6 - 9 hours,   Onset: 00:20 - 01:00

AL-LAD can be conpared to LSD in that it has a shorter duration and an easier headspace for most people. It
seems somewhat less likely to produce anxiety, panic, or confusion. Because your mental state is more likely
to be neutral or positive, the experience may be more consistently “enjoyable” or “recreational.”
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