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Strain Name: Northern lights
Genectic: Indica and Sativa
Grade: 2
Type:95/5 Hybrid
Price $120.00
Strain Name: White Widow
Genectic: Cannabis Indica/ Sativa
Grade: A
Type:50/50 Hybrid
Price $145.00
Strain Name: Sour Disel 
Genectic: Cannabis Sativa
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid
Price $170.00
Medical Marijuana, Bud, Seeds, Clones, Smoke Accessories, Edibles
Strain Name: Green Crack
Genectic: Sativa and Indica
Grade: A
Type:50/50 Hybrid
Price $110.00
Price $110.00
Strain Name: Lemon Haze
Genectic: Indica and Sativa
Grade: A
Type:30/70 Hybrid
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What is AK-47? buy AK-47 online,

We have the best online. This will help you relaxed, fell happy, Uplifted, Euphoric, Creative. AK-47
also help you mellow. This is the best dorminant sativa hybrid which can deliver a steady and long-
lasting cerebral buzz this will result as to keep you healthy, keeps you mentally alert and engaged in
creative or social activities. AK-47 mixes Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and Afghani varieties, bringing
together a complex blend of flavors and effects. While AK-47’s scent is sour and earthy, its sweet
floral notes can only be fully realized in the taste.

Buy Banana Kush: It has  great sweet smell and flavor like that of overripe bananas, The name Buy
banana kush online says it all. Banana OG has tested and confirmed at over 35% THC and has a
reputation as a “creeper”-as in, its effects will creep up on you if you’re not careful.  Many people say
“Banana OG smells is amazing! It’s like an overripe banana peel full of pine needles, and it creates
thick smoke that always gets me laughing.” -Will Hyde.

Buy Blue Dream online, this is a sativa-dominant hybrid it originate here California that is why we have
the best quality order blue dream online. We have achieved legendary status among West Coast
strains in this strains. Buy Blue Dream online in other to balances full-body relaxation with gentle
cerebral invigoration. Many customers enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream buying, which ease you
gently into a calm euphoria.

Buying blueberry cannabis strains online here at our delivery agency will give you safety and secure
delivery. We have available a true A-List cannabis strain. Blueberry’s legendary status soared to new
heights after claiming the High Times’ Cannabis Cup 2000 for Best Indica.

Buy Bubba Kush online. Kush is an indica strain. it is the best for its heavy tranquilizing effects. It
contain sweet hashish flavors with chocolate and coffee come through on the exhale as powerful
relaxation takes over. Bubba’s stocky plant stature and bulky bud structure suggest Afghani descent,
but its genetic origins aren’t certain: The breeder whom this strain was named after states that Bubba
Kush emerged just after 1996, when an OG Kush hybrid pollinated an unknown indica strain obtained
in New Orleans. The genetically ambiguous indica was simply called “Bubba.” Bubba Kush has
flourished ever since.

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